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My Gripe with MW2 Empty My Gripe with MW2

Post  -----CrAzY----- on Tue Jun 08, 2010 1:57 pm

I just want to start this off by saying that I believe MW2 is fun game. I play it quite often and, having adjusted my playstyle to its flaws, I still do quite well. However, there are a good many things wrong with this game. Here's a list of some of the more important things: 1. Spawn System - The COD series has never been known for having a great spawn system. Spawn trapping in COD 4 was easy, and the domination game type was absolutely controlled by this mentality. That said, the spawn system in MW2 is far worse than COD4. If you're playing a rush class, and you happen to get into the enemy team's spawn and kill a few guys, you have to be absolutely aware that they will probably spawn directly behind you and shoot you in the back. This doesn't make sense because MW2 has large maps. It is totally reasonable to expect their spawn to switch if you are directly in the middle of it. Revenge killing has never been so easy than in MW2. 2. Commando (or the knifing system in general) - The knife in MW2 is more powerful than the gun. This isn't because of the fact that its a one hit kill. It's because of the lunging system that comes with the knife. When you knife in MW2, you become invincible for that split second of time that you are lunging towards your enemy. If I'm shooting someone in the face, even while they are lunging at me, I expect them to die. In MW2, they don't. That's an issue. Commando really only magnifies this issue. 3. One Man Army Noob Tube/ Danger Close - We have all seen this class before. I don't really think I need to explain its effectiveness. What makes this class overpowered is the skill required to use it vs. its overall effectiveness. Not to mention the additional effectiveness of killstreak rewards when using Danger Close Pro. 4. The UMP - The UMP rapes. Why is this gun so effective? It is always, regardless of perks or attachments, a 3 shot kill. If you use Stopping power, it's a 2 shot kill in very CQB situations, but this isn't necessary. This SMG is effectively a better long range weapon than the ACR and M4. The reason for this is because the weapon has virtually no damage fall-off at range. It goes from being a 40 damage weapon(point blank) to a 35 damage weapon (any distance). The MP5K, by comparison goes from 40 damage to 20 (The M4 and ACR go from 30 to 20). This is why, on average, 5/10 people in SnD use marathon/ any perk here/ Ninja. I believe that this is what is wrong with MW2. The most important and frustrating issue is the spawn system, by far. Feel free to let me know what you think.
The only way we can Fix this is to get on the Infinity ward forms/boards and complain. I have personally sent a couple of emails asking for an explanation with no avail. But if enough of us keep complaining change will happen.

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My Gripe with MW2 Empty Re: My Gripe with MW2

Post  bringnthehouse on Tue Jun 08, 2010 3:46 pm

i agree with you , but i know why they set it up that way is to try and help eliminate camping same thing with the tubes.but the biggest issue i have is with the timing of the spawn at the start of a match , when the second you spawn a tube lands at your feet has to be fixed ,its easy to dodge the spawn tubes unless this happens and is total bs


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My Gripe with MW2 Empty Re: My Gripe with MW2

Post  Spacefreak0422 on Tue Jun 08, 2010 9:01 pm

Sorry I do not find that the ump is the most powerful gun in the game, cause i use it on 4 different classes in the game and unless it is hardcore I have to empty a whole fucking clip into someone for them to die, which is bullshit.

the commando perk I agree with I find that it makes the player jump to far. I have seen me unload on someone and they jump 20 feet and knife me, bullshit again for sure. If this was suppose to be based on actually warfare. Sorry last time I checked Superman wasn't real and fighting in the war

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My Gripe with MW2 Empty Re: My Gripe with MW2

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